September 27, 2009

Repair & Service MP3, MP4, and MP5

If you are having a problem with your player (mp3, mp4, or mp5), you must estimate what causing the problem, hardware or software.If predicted problem arise from hardware failure or damage, you should find out where the problematic hardware. Then, you can repair or replace with the new one. However, if there is software problem, you must backup its firmware before then update it.
For update firmware, you need software for backup, modification, update player tools, and firmware.

Tools for Backup Firmware

Tools for Moding (modification firmware)

This tools for edit image or text in the firmware
  1. s1Res version 3.6
  2. s1Res version 4.0
  3. s1Res version 4.1
Tools for Update Firmware
 To update firmware for MP3 and MP4 Player, you need tools that calls MP3 Player Utilities. It's also contain driver for player to. If you looking for MP3 Player Utilities, you can visit here.

Looking for your player firmware?You can go here.

  1. MP4 Agiler PFE-051 Loading
  2. MP4 Lexus LX-56; No Sound  
  3. MP4 STE Loading
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