May 23, 2009

MP4 Lexus LX-56 No Sound

If you have damage to headset slot please just have replace slot with the new one. However, before you use that way, first try this way, who knows it work. If not work, you can continue your desire to change your headset slot.
The sequence is as follows :
1. Loading or disassemble your mp4.
2. Loose the battery to prevent from "konsleting" at the time of repair.
3. Use a needle in order to restore the position of the zinc on the tip of headset connector.

If in this step you don't successful, continue next step.
4. Give reciprocal at the top of zinc headset slot.
5. Add flux in the reciprocal area.
6. Solder your mixture of reciprocal & flux until down to bottom or in the zinc headset slot.

I successful after i repeat 3 times step 4 until 6.
Good luck.

If you have firmware this player :

Specification the player :
Brand : LEXUS LX-56
Board : QY-881FV2
Memory : Samsung XX4
please upload, & tell me. So it entry more useful for another people.
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