July 23, 2009

MP4 Agiler PFE-051 Loading

From Ad Sutanto, i received mp4 Agiler PFE 051. It's case loading. To solve this, i had done this steps :

1. I backup the firmware in the player although the firmware in corrupt condition.I do this for anticipate if I failed. I use s1clone_1.3 from http://s1mp3.de/tools.s1clone.html to backup the corrupt firmware that player. Time that need to backup firmware more less 41 minutes.

2. Because, VID &PID player show USB\VID_10D6&PID_FF66\5&3733C518&1&5 I use mp3 player utilities 4.18 that has driver for that player.

3. The firmware, I use board ID to find it. Because a lot off firmware in the outside for board QY-960V1-STLS__2007.1.xx ( i forget to write it). If you don't find that firmware, you can download here.

4. Connect your player that you will to upgrade firmware.

5. Install the driver. If the player doesn't need driver, you must upgrade the driver. Choose the driver at directory C:\Program File\Mp3 Player Utilies 4.18\Driver.

6 Run the upgrade firmware process (start>program>mp3 player utilities 4.18>mp3 upgrade tool. Then, select the firmware where you save it in the hardisk.

5. Wait until finish.

You will see your player white screen. Don't worry. May be the player has "shock therapy". Disconnect your player from the computer. Then turn on. Wait few second, you will see you player became normal and the last data still inside in the player.tepuktanganminum
Ok..I work with those stepsmenaripeace. If you want to follow my step and use the data,

I warning you " I don't responsible if your player became abnormal or die. Because I don't ask you to follow me, but you follow me yourself.takbolemerajuk

Specification player like this :
1st bootloader : AK1025;
2nd bootloader : I don't know..forget to write it
Board : QY-960FV1-STLS_2007.1.xx
LCD : JYD__G5064__GANT20S02177A-C
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