July 15, 2009

Problems, Repair, or Service Digital Camera (Casio & Toshiba)

Camera Casio; "Camera Stabilizer not Available"
If you have experiencing with this problem - especially Casio EX-V7 - first, you must make sure that used appropriate scene modes. For example, you use scene mode for night. Perhaps, the stabilizer is not available for that scene mode. You should try to change scene mode until meet the stabilizer.
However, if you find above step is not resolve your facing problem, i think lens is damage. The solution for this problem, off course, you must change lens with the other or new one.

Camera Toshiba; "Die Cause Induction"
I receive Toshiba camera, Toshiba PA3649L, from the camera FCJ. It's case or condition die. Finally, the camera can live again after I done this step.
1. release of all screw to disassemble back cover camera.
2. Remove the LCD.
3. Remove shit behind LCD
4. Cover shit bottom LCD with "selotip"
5. Assembling all again
6. Complete and Live

Ok..May be you said that I'm just luck. But, you can try it if your camera die. May be the problem your camera just simple like me, i call induction for those problem.If your problem cause another thing, I' sorry. You can browsing again.
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