June 23, 2009

MP4 Star 1 GB Die...

I accept the MP4, with

Specification :
  • Brand = Star
  • Capacity = 1GB capacity.
  • 1st = RK2606A bootloader (i think);
  • 2nd bootloader = hynix
  • Board CR001A_V1.0 = 20060922
Case : MP4 die.
If linked to the computer, the player is requested driver.
If measured with power supply that ampere indicator showed 0:04 ampere.

: software problem.

What i have done to fix that player :
  1. Install firmware update 3.1.20
  2. Download firmware from s1fw.com. You won't find firmware exactly with your board ID. Use that firmware that similar with your player. You can try with firmware that I had download from s1fw.com. Use the series (1, 2, 3, 4)!!!
  3. Run the program. Use first firmware. If fail, you can use the next firmware (2,3, & 4)
  4. I successful with the first firmware. I hope you too.
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