June 26, 2009

Brica DigiArt Z-835 Trouble, Be Careful

I have received camera digital. Brand of camera, Brica Digiart Z-835.
The camera has a problem with its lens. So, the image over bright or white.
The specific problem those camera is the flexible in the lens. These flexible connect to diaphragm that set up incoming light.
The flexible in the camera Brica DigiArt Z-835 is so easy to broke cause the progressive lens. If you want jumper that flexible is very difficult because the channel in the lens enough narrow. Anda, I thing easy to brake again.
The solution these problem only change the flexible tire or change with the new one. And its not cheap.tension
So...if you want to buy digital camera with brand Brica DigiArt Z-835 be careful. You must ready to find problem with your lens.
I hope this post useful for you before you buy a camera or you want to service it.
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