June 22, 2009

Modem Sierra AirCard 881U "Searching"

Do you have modem sierra 881U just "searching"? And, you want to fix it by yiurself? If so try these steps. Remember you have your own risk. And this solution only firmware problem signals indicator full visible) and not hardware problem.

The Step...
  • Download the firmware. When I made this post, this firmware is latest version.
  • Remove your sim card before update firmware.
  • Make sure the battery condition of full power (if you use a laptop) to prevent the update firmware process stop the road. If it happen perhaps can make your modem destruct or die. But, my i never meet it. The modem just back to the original position (searching).
  • Insert the Sierra Wireless 881 and ensure AT&T Communication Manager or Sierra Watcher are not running.
  • Run or Double click on AC881U_F1_2_3_15ap.exe provided above.
  • Do NOT interrupt or eject the your modem while the the firmware is being installed! The upgrade may take up to 10 minutes. Wait until the firmware update process finish or complete then click ok.
  • Sign out
  • Enter your card in the modem
  • Connect your moden to the computer,
  • Finish. How the result?
If the display at 3G watcher like this. The modem had a hardware problem. Solution for this shake IC PA. But I warning you, if you don't have experience & tool so support that..Don't try this. Remember, you have your own risk.takbole

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