June 21, 2009

Motherboard Gigabyte GA-7VA (Rev 2.x) in Trouble, Die?

Have you experienced with dead computer? I means dead is computer life but doesn't want in windows? If not, you need to read this posting about my experience with my computer.Who knows tomorrow day beneficial for you, if you plug with same problem.

Story like this. A gigabyte motherboard has a different characteristic from most motherboard. The difference is in the sound beep. Generally, the other motherboard made a sound long beep onetime if the motherboard normal. However, gigabyte socket a motherboard does not ring.

Normally, motherboard will make sound long beep once if we don't install ram. By installing ram, we will hear length beep once and short beep twice. If the ring does not appear, maybe your motherboard or ram have problems. Try to replace the ram with the other one. If it does not ring length beep once and short beep twice, you have trouble with your motherboard problems. It can be the motherboard or processor overhead. Processor overhead caused the processor fan does not function optimally. Normally the temperature cannot more than 40 Celsius. If you find the temperature reach 71 Celsius maybe your processor in trouble.Replace it. If not completed, the solution is to change the processor.

I hope this post useful for you.
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