May 24, 2009

MP4 Fleco F1816 Die

I ever receive mp4 fleco F1816 die. I have check with power supply and the result showed number 0.01 ampere. My hypothesis hardware problem. It can be component 24.000, 1st bootloader, 2nd bootloader, or others hardware.
In the case that i have encountered, the problem on the tree feet transistor component that located near the battery connector.
My solution, i pull out the transistor and made jumper from 1st and 3rd leg because i don't have the new one. It can be perfect if we can't remove and change transistor with the new ones.
The result life. But, this way still have a weakness. It can be battery damage because a player entering voltage to the battery is to big. So, you can charging the battery outside with universal charge.
If you have solution for over large voltage for this type mp4, please give me comment. So, this post can be useful for the other.
To friends that have problem with the firmware, sorry i don't have it. But i had done clone those player. You can use s1clone ver 1.2 & download my clone (1,2,3,4,&5) and join them with HJSplit 2.3.

Specification Player :
Brand : Fleco F1816
2nd bootloader : Samsung
LCD : BG999100A-V0.0(S)+GPW049-01
Board : MP-1342Q-TSLS V0
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