May 09, 2009

Replace Status YM 8 with Winamp

If you want to change status at YM with list songs we are listened, here the steps :
  1. Download Yahoo Massenger 8, winamp,(if you does't have it)
  2. Download winamp pluggin for yahoo massenger.
  3. Turn off / disable/ close the winamp and yahoo messenger before installing the plugin.
  4. Install Winamp plugin 4 and let the installation process runs automatically until finished.
  5. Run winamp player and press CTRL + P; window will appear Winamp Preferences. Choose general purpose. Then select.. Yahoo Massenger 8 now playing [v4.2]. Then press Configure Selected Pluggin.
  6. Please specify which format you want. Suppose $ A - $ T ($ D) $ P to display the song title, artist, song progress, and bar length.
  7. Then click save.
  8. After clicking Save. Remove a custom status message in the Yahoo! Messenger you (it's not always..because sometime finished itself .
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