April 11, 2009

Make USB Flash Disk Windows

That need be prepared to make USB flash disk Windows.
Flash Disk bootable.
Steps make USB flash disk windows:
  1. Download these : (1) http://www.ziddu.com/download/3232393/usb_prep8_dotexe.org.zip.html ; (2) http://www.ziddu.com/download/3232419/PeToUSB_3.0.0.7_dotexe.org.zip.html
  2. Extract 2 files Ekstrak those file with winzip/winrar in one folder.
  3. Connect the flash disk to the computer. Remember the directory of the flash disk.
  4. Enter the windows CD. If the automatic instalation of windows is running, abort instalation.
  5. Log in to the folder that contains extraction of 2 files in the step 2. Then, run "usb_prep8.bat”
  6. After that, the command prompt appear until command pres any key to continue. Please, press the button are in order confirmation. Don't close the command prompt windows. Just, lets open.
  7. In the monitor PEtoUSB window will appear & asking you to format the flash disk. Don't change the setting. Just direct start button.
  8. Then, confirm it according that you need.
  9. If finish you are finnished, close PEtoUSB window until in the monitor show the options from 0 to 5.
  10. Select option 1 to choose instalation source file, than copy to the flash disk. Select the optical drive where existing windows xp in it. Or, if the windows xp has been store in the hardisk, navigate to the folder that you save windows files.
  11. Option 3 to determine the directory where the flash disk. If the F drive, type F then press enter.
  12. Option 4 to start making module instalation will be copied to the flash disk automatically. Answer Y/Yes/Oke to all confirmation appear.
  13. Finish. Your flash disk ready to use install windows.
Before installation windows, be sure your BIOS on the removable disk media as the first booting. If you unclear, search in the google the similar article. Because this post just my own language write that i read from article in the ITS web. Sorry, I'm forget the web address and the author. I hope this post useful.
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