April 11, 2009

Huawei E220 Modem Not Connect With Computer

If you have experience with your Huawei E220 modem not detected computer or die, try this methode.

Try to up-down USB Cabel in the connector. If sometime modem connect & it sometime not connected with upur compoter, probably your USB connector in trouble. If so, the steps need to be done :
  1. Dissamble the modem. Put off the plastik in the middle of top modem. With cutter or anything else.
  2. Dislog 1 piece of the screw
  3. Separate two of part its casing wih your finger nail or anything else.
  4. Dislog again 4 pieces of screws
  5. Resolder againt the foots of the connector. To help your job easyly, you can use flux if you have it.
  6. Use solder in good condition (sharp & have heat enough). If you haven't give enough heat, it lead foots of connector can rise from PCB. I found this at monitor.
  7. If you have done what i said in the top, try it! If you found same problem, do same step until the problem resolved. But if you can't finish, maybe you have try to change to connector with the new ones. Maybe the problem in the path of connector.You can get the connector from mpx player. But if you use handphone usb connector (like motorola), you must cut the foots of connector until you find same lenght.
  8. Finish.
I hope this info quite helpfull for you.
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