April 10, 2009

Publish Blog di Google

Very often, someone who has a blog want to publish. But most of them confuse when their blog wasn't appear in the search engine. The solution is as follows:
  1. Open google add url.
  2. Fill URL & Comments. Fill URL with address our blog (eg : http://masterichax.blogspot.com/). While, the commend fill with short comments about your blog. If you don't have lost connection, you will see greeting Thank You from google.
  3. Then go to google webmaster tools.
  4. Login using gmail account.
  5. Enter address your blog, then click verify blog site.
  6. Choose verification mode. Select Add meta a tag, then show the code its meta tag.
  7. Copy the code meta tag.
  8. Go to our blog again. Press bottom setting>Edit html.
  9. Paste the code meta tag below the heads line before the body code. Note, used classical template for easy and doen't have problems.
  10. After that, save and publish the template has been change ealier.
  11. in the google sitemap page, click verify button.ottom.Di halaman google sitemap,klik tombol verify.In google sitemap page, click the verify.
  12. Copy the two codes from the following web http://pernakpernikblog.blogspot.com/2007/01/publish-blog.html. Sori, i can't write here because error when i publish.
  13. Paste the code below the head code, same like step number 8.
  14. Change keyword1, keyword2, with words that describe your blog, for example: I, service, computer, internet, bloggers, and others.
  15. Press save, then publish. If you see error, change the command model like in the meta verfy. And, I succeeded. Maybe my way is wrong, i don't know :). Try to more lear.!
  16. Wait for more 3 day to your blog appear in the google search engine index.
  17. Save & publish. Done. Remember, the road or steps in the top just a liitle way so that your blog entry can enter in google search engine. For more, try to read about pagerank and search engine optimazation.

If you less familiar try to read in the http://pernakpernikblog.blogspot.com/2007/01/publish-blog.html.
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