February 22, 2010

Unlock Modem ZTE MF626, MF627, & MF628

There are various types of modem that lock by provider. Here are some types of modems that can be done unlock process ourself (DIY) :

(bundling with Indosat)
  1. Download MF626 Update Tool
  2. Simcard out of the modem
  3. Uninstall the connection manager application from indosat
  4. Run MF626 Update Tool software until finish
  5. Disconnect modem from computer or laptop.
  6. Input simcard (other Indosat) to the modem, then connect to computer or laptop
  7. Reboot the computer or laptop
  8. Good luck

post script :
  1. ZTE MF626 modem can be used on Windows 7.
  2. Connection in order to run smoothly, you can use dashboard software from IM2. Cause if you use dashboard software from global it can be slow and often disconnect connection.

& MF628(Only For Older Version)
Modem ZTE MF627 can unlock with update the firmware. You can download here for the new firmware.
  1. Firmware ZTE MF627
  2. Firmware ZTE MF628

Source :
  1. possum22 for Unlock Modem ZTE MF626
  2. yaylol for unlock modem ZTE MF627 & 628
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