July 06, 2009

Camera Sony W-35 "Turn Power Off and on again"

If meet this problem, you will browse to the internet how to solve this. I warning you, that a lot off suggestion for solve this problem. I ask you don't follow the way drop the camera. It can make more worst your lens if you're not lucky. Its not cheap to get the new lens. But, the decision on your. Cause the risk on you to.

How about me? How i solve this problem.
I will tell you, but you have your own risk if you follow me and don't blame memerajuk. I warning you .. if you doubt and don't have adequate tools don't try this..

My way:
1. Disassemble the camera. Put off all screw at outside the camera case.
2. Put off the connector, flexible wire, in the small board inside the camera. Until you get the lens.
3. Clean your lens. You can use contact cleaner lubricant for service to spray at motor.
4. After that, clean up all of the lens. It's purpose to prevent short electricity.
5. Assemble your camera again.
6. Try it! Until I finish this steptepuktanganminum.
If you don't finish until this step. Maybe your bike is broken so worst. Change the motor and its connection with the good one. Then assemble again. I hope you can solve your problem.
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