June 14, 2009


MP4 Alltronix (AX) Salsa Pro
I received mp4 from Fitara Computer, Ramai Mall. It's case : hour glass and restart again. So on. It's can be enter the menu.

Steps that I have done :
  1. Check with the power supply. The result the ampere needle up >down>up so on, alive than are dead themselves, living longer. My hypothesis, firmware problem. But I don't want to upgrade the firmware first. Although easy, the risk is very high.
  2. Than, I re solder reset IC memory / 2nd bootloader and switch on-off with hope not firmware damaged. The result, still the same. Player is still up> hour glass> restart so on.
  3. I try to re solder its ic flash (1st bootloader). And the results, taaaaa ta tepuktangan. Successfully and prepared & delivered goods to the owner:ngacir:
Description Player:
Name of player: MP4 ax Salsa Pro
1st bootloader: ATJ2097H
For you that have problem with your firmware I have it..But the risk is borne by the passenger:)
Download the firmware MPX-ax Salsa Pro ATJ2097H_BKS97009V3

MP5 Conga (AFE054G51)
Spesification :
  • 1st bootloader = Anyka;
  • 2nd bootloader = SAMSUNG 716_K9G8G08U0M_PCBO;
  • Board = KGMP888-GAME-AK-V3.1_2007-05-10
  • Code Distribution : S0705012EWGA01SH1G01
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