June 14, 2009


Accordingly the number of questions several times a contact from my friends from out of town (outside Jogja), both stores and individuals, asking if the receiving service.
Then there are some people who live in jogjakarta and surrounding areas come directly to my home - I'm sorry that you must come up time and time again because do not meet me -
So I make this announcement, related questions that often arise.

Q: Receive service MPX / Camera / etc?
A: Accept. Not as long as a large electronic-large. I'm not interested whit those thing, lazy. I had just fixing until this time - from most of the few - MPX player, camera, laptop/notebook, & modem. I received flash disk 3 times and failed. Same wtih tv tuner, twice and failed.

Q: Can fixing MPX / Camera / and others?
A: I can not say, I can before try it. There is never a certainty before the first try. In addition, there are some factors that always accompany in each service. And, I do not close the possibility of requesting assistance with my friends (Valet service handphone - Ari object phone, Topig Graha Nokia, Valet service watch-Mas Wondo - thank for your enlightenment-; Sanur: thank assisted the sparepart) and of course God YME on inspiration and luck give to me.

Q: How much cost of service?
A: Fee .. Mpx Player less than Rp 50.000; camera less than Rp 300.000; modem less than 100.000,- I will not confirm previously. If cost more than that, I will confirm to you to get an agreement.
Q: How many days to finish it?
A: Please, estimated own. Because each item has a difficulty level, how manya previous entry. For consideration: my principles work are as follows:
  1. I will try to complete case-by-case based on the order of entry first.
  2. If the distress, I will continue with the new cases, while waiting for the enlightenment of cases not yet resolved. Until I finally declares myself up. My plan make a list of service incoming (include; process, successful / or not) reduced the list of goods that have been taken by the owner / represent can store / person)
  3. Outside my time, there are at least 2 weeks for items that I need to be sent to Jakarta.

Q : I am from out of town, can I service to you?
A : You can. But, I don't want promise will be 100% fixed. Because, I still have obstacles such as: sparepart and software. I'm not a service center that have a backup from official distributor. And, the cost to bring back to you is responsibility. I will use the tiki JNE or other shipping, such as 21. In addition, the burden the sender of goods.

Q: Which your address?
A: My address listed at the top of the blog.

Q: How many hours open store?
A: I do not have stores. So, for friends from jogja surrounding that directly to my place, please make appointment be
fore. Phone to my flexy (listed at the top of the blog). If not my handphone not active, sms me!. As soon as possible I will reply. And, for my activity daily i will write at twitter.com a / n ichaxs

Thank you
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