May 26, 2009

MP4 Sense SE215 Dead

My customer Werdi come to me. His mp4 player die. But if player connected to computer, the player ask driver..If you have this problem, you can try this.
1. dis assembly the player
2. Put off the battery.
3. Use flux and resolder 2nd bootloader.
4. Finish.

So..if you have same problem, and maybe you have same player with Werdi, you can try me way.
note.Werdi MP4 :
Brand : Sense
Model : SE215
Memory : 2GB
Date : 20081017
version : mp3 player
usb \ vid_10d6 & pid_1101
If you have firmware for this player, try to upload and tell me. So, this post can more useful. Or, if you want to ask Werdi you can phone him at 081915535326.
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