May 26, 2009

MP3 AX 512MB Loading

Someone get service from me. He had mp3 player with brand Alltronix (AX), maybe shark type. He had a problem, his mp3 loading.

Specification MP3 like this
1. 1st bootloader : ATJ2051H
2. 2nd bootloader : Samsung K9F4GO8UOA
3. Board : MP-75xx LCD FM + V1.1_Knife 051130
4. USB \ VID_10D6 & PIDFF51

I have been googling the firmware. I didn't find it. So, i dare myself to try the firmware that i have. I actually rather doubt because PID\VID my firmware different with player. My firmware have PID\VID_10D6&PID_1100. I don't have a choice. So, i try to update firmware. I used MP3 Player Utilities 3.70, that for PID\VID_10D6&PID_8888/FF51/FF61.

And, the result quite successful. MP3 to be alive but the capacity down to be come 256MB.
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